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Originally Posted by tn6437 View Post
i have been searching for an 80s trawler for two years now. have driven from minnesota to florida, texas to maine. have walked away from two boats after survey. i cannot find a trawler without water intrusion in the cabins, rot in the cabin walls or high moisture content in either the stringers or cabin roof/deck.
i really want one with the teak decks intact. has anyone found a relatively simple way to eliminate rot without cutting the boat apart and redoing all the deck or cabin walls. i am not afraid of , and capable of, redoing the interior walls, just not sure about redoing the decks.
i am currently still looking and have a couple to look at but from the photos i can see the cabin walls have water damage.
my budget is limitedto $50,000. or less
love to find a 36, double cabin, single screw with a thruster, gen and heat/ac
Hold out for the right boat or pay half of 50k for a boat with water intrusion. I did the 2nd option and put some sweat equity in.

The pros are..
I know my boat inside and out.
I learned some skills to use in the future.
I increased the value of the boat(it's never an investment but makes you feel better).

The Cons are...
Downtime due to repairs. I can say that I used the boat between stages. For example cut out rear deck, install new core, fiberglass, use boat,Following week sand and fill, use boat, following week paint/finish.
Fiberglass work is simple but not easy. Think roofing.

If you plan to live or spend extended weekends on the boat i'd lean towards paying for the mechanical/electrical pristine boat with some rot. You could easily get the job done quickly by spending a couple hours a day on it. You quickly learn that systems are what cost $$$$.
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