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Check out this website.

Make sure you work your way through all the threads. A lot of info about living in WA on a boat.

I can’t give you answers but I can give you questions.

Do you need a guest room.
Do you need a separate shower stall
Do you need a tub
Do you need a dish washer
Do you need a washer/dryer or a washer and dryer.
Do you need a water maker
What kind of heat do you need
What size bed do you need
Do you need a walk around bed
Do you need your kitchen to be up or down
Do you want built in furniture or store bought
Do you need TV
Do you need internet
Do you cook gourmet or just simple
How much storage do you need
What non boating items do you insist on having on the boat
Will the boat ever leave the dock
Will the boat leave the dock frequently
Will the boat travel to Alaska
Will the boat travel to Mexico
Will the boat travel to Hawaii

These are just some of the question you need to answer

If you go to the live-a-board forum you will see all kinds of different boats being lived on. You will be surprised by the differences and why.
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