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To get this started?

Well I was the one that was gonna get this started. I still don't have the time to write down the story I want to tell so it will have to wait a bit more...I promise to get it out.

And as far as who is worthy of posting a story, anyone that has one as it relates to don't have to be a "voyager" just someone with a good boat story. If you get your boat out there, you gotta have a few. The reason why I went from sailboats to trawlers was to "reduce" on the amount of "stories"...which it did. I have a good sailboat story as well. It is funny, you ask a trawler crawler about a recent trip and it is usually uneventful(except for the dancing girls of course....with really cool footwear...that was for you P/F). But ask a sailor about a recent excursion and you better take a seat. There is a lot more that can go wrong on a sailboat. Anyway, I'll post in a bit.
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