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Gulfstar 43 Dimensions

Thinking about going to look at a Gulfstar 43, with the twin berths in the after cabin. Before I do, I am hoping to get some comments from someone who has one.

First off, wondering what the length of the twin berths in the back is. Second question is, from the layout diagrams I've seen, it looks like the knee-room, in the forward head, when sitting down, might be a bit tight. Is that true? If so, how seriously so?

I'm 6' tall, so the headroom isn't an issue, but I've been on some trawlers where the berths were just barely long enough for me, and where my knees are banging against the door or the bulkhead when using the head.

Don't want to waste my time if these things are going to be issues with the G-43, so thanks for any information you can provide.
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