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Thanks for all the responses guys.

I should definitely add the Ranger Tug 31' to my short list. However, I'm thinking it would probably be #3 on MY list because of the available space inside and cost. Of course this could change once I've seen each one first hand.

The Sundowner Tug 30 is also a nice option to add to the list. I'd prefer an Island queen berth and a little larger cockpit, but they aren't too old and the price is pretty reasonable. I'd put it #4 on MY short list.

SeaHorse II - I love your baot! I agree the*primary question on the Halvorsen's is height on the trailer. I sent an inquiry to Halvorsen to see if they can provide that information. It would also be nice to see one up close and personal.

FF - The Regal 23' sounds like it works for you, but I think it would be too small for my wife and I to do extended cruising. In the PNW it isn't as easy to break up the passages with trailering due to the lack of roads. Although, I guess it the boat was legal height and width you could ferry it to Vancouver Island and drive it up the Island and make shorter trips. There is a lot to be said for getting a boat that you can afford rather than waiting until you can afford what you really want.

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