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For New Members

Seeing that there seems to be a run on new members lately I thought it might be helpful to offer a Quick Start Guide.

Obviously there is a lot of great information to be accessed at this site. There are methods in place to allow you to search past subjects to answer questions you may have. In the event that you have a question that has not been covered- lets say: Do I put oil in my engine where it says oil fill?, or What is the best way to replace my cutlass bearing with the boat still in the water? Doesn't matter- Protocol will be about the same and it will go something like this...............*
<ul>[*]First you will be welcomed to the site and made to feel welcome by any of the numerous, helpful participants. After that you will be informed that you are indeed correct- pour the oil in the oil fill.[*]Following that- 1 or 2 more responses will confirm that yes, indeed you were given the correct information and to follow it in a careul manner.[*]Next is where the fun starts. One of our Guru's (or soon to be Guru's) will comment that even though the answer appears simple enough- the process has changed and the answer given no longer applies.[*]Usually about now Keith will post an excellent link to the engine manufacturer- showing the location of the oil fill cap.[*]This would usually be followed up by an offer to send you an Excel spread sheet by another participant. This will allow you to track the amount of oil installed, the effort required to remove the cap, and finally the remaining oil inventory in quarts[*]Marin will usually jump in at this point and mention airplanes. Not that it applies to your problem- he just likes airplanes.[*]Baker will second whatever comment Marin made- he like airplanes too.[*]Fast Fred will correct whatever Baker and Marin just agreed on. His post will have only 4 words- 2 of which are misspelled.[*]The new member will usually thank everyone for all the input[/list]So welcome aboard! Get your feet wet. Bottom line is that this group is largely made up of boaters who live, eat and breath boating. Unfortunatley due to work, broken boats, or wives who refuse to give it all up to "Live a Board" we tend to get boat a couple of weekends a month and talk boating daily.
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