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Originally Posted by AZ2Loop View Post
That is indeed my concern. The boat is back in the water now, so my opportunity to grind away is not an option.
boatpoker, let's assume worst case and there is significant delamination. Would the repair process involve something like the gel planer in the attached video below, or are we talking about a deeper peel process into additional layers of the construction?

If it matters, I think the hull is all fiberglass and is not cored on these boats.

One more hint. In 2011 the boat was hauled out and I think there were some blisters repaired then (but we are taking just a few -- not a big concern then). As far as I can tell, that was the last time the boat was out of the water. So that is 7 years, sitting idle with hardly any hours, in a slip on the TN river. The blister issue you see in the pictures developed in that 7 year period.

Thanks for additional thoughts to anyone who cares to chime in.

Psneeld has all the right answers. I strongly suspect your issue is much deeper than gelcoat.
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