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Boat newbie and greenhorn

As you can see I am a newbie and boat greenhorn as is my wife.
Our plan:
1. Learn about boating, take the appropriate courses. What do you recommend, I Am in St. Augustine, FL?
2. Learn a lot about trawlers, rent a few times to get the feeling and check many of them out, before making the final decision.
3. If it works out buy a decent live aboard trawler, max $200K, as new as possible, dual engines is nice, speed is not an issue.
4. On the other hand buy a smaller one, then trade up?
5. Any trawler recommendation is appreciated, maybe stay under 40’, one stateroom is fine, then use other sleeping arrangements for guests.
6. How do you feel about power catamarans? More stable in the sea, if we go out there? Less room, quirky layout?
7. What does it take to get 2 staterooms I wonder 43’ or so?
8. As we will be cruising mostly in the south and on the intracoastal, maybe to the Bahamas when we get the experience further down the road, or is it sea, we do like a flybridge or command bridge, what is the difference? A command bridge is covered?
9. Later maybe go Mississippi, or other rivers all the way or ultimately do “The Loop”.
10. I have read a lot of comments on this site and feel this site is invaluable.

Best regards to all!
Pat and Roland
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