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I travel on mine. It doesn't have a permanent home. Wintered southern Lake Michigan 2015/16, traveled 2200 nm 2016, wintered on Lake Erie, then 1200 mn 2017 and wintered on Lake Ontario. Have been through four great lakes and several times through the Erie and Rideau waterways. I launched a couple of weeks ago and am now on the Trent Severn headed north through Georgian Bay to Chicago then south from there this fall. I have a generator and extra water tankage and am solo with occasional guests. Carry a RIB and a bicycle for local excursions. Generally I avoid marinas. Boat works pretty well for me as an aspiring looper on a budget.

Not sure how to vote. Not really full time liveaboard as I have a home in southern Ontario, but not there much when my boat's afloat.

The PO of my boat followed a similar pattern, traveling 7000 miles around the great lakes in seven seasons. Boat's been on the move for ten years and going strong.
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