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Originally Posted by Mrwesson View Post
The MK1-2-3 are much different in size and layout so this mostly applies to that(Love the 390).

I know it's not common but I use mine as a day tripper for the most part. Taking quite a few people to the sandbar/island hopping for the day, Grilling, hanging out, Etc.

I've only stayed on the hook twice in a year but do spend the night there maybe once a month.

Great all around boat with many uses.

Our boat usage has evolved over time, not unexpectedly, given other demands that we had then versus now...

When we had our '87 Mk III in the early '90s we used it for weekends, often hopping to local destination marinas but also often anchoring out... and then we also tried to do a longer trip each year.

These days, we'd probably be on it 70-80% more than back then, and some of our usage would maybe fall into a "cruiser" category, a 4-5 month trip to somewhere and back.

The boat we have now is better suited to that, and we don't have the ladder to deal with now... but the Mainship could have worked. Not unique, in that...

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