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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
What make/model of generator? How many volts did it produce, before? It doesn't just happen to be on purpose a 120V genset, does it? With 120V appliances on board? In other words, more like a typical U.S. boat versus using European current?

Anyway, looks like Swiss francs and US dollars are about at parity, just now, so about $1500... in the grand scheme of all things boat, maybe that's not all that expensive to fix.

I'd guess the aircon's reverse cycle heating may sometimes be of use in Switzerland, though... and the generator would in turn be useful for powering that.


No, it ran at 220 before but again: only tested, never really needed. Weighing all options now. Repair vs other options might be similar in cost.
Thanks for your thoughts, great advice.
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