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Outdoor Electrical Outlet Options

Hi All,
After at least an hour on google Iím turning to this forum as I really canít believe what I am looking for doesnít exsist.
I need to add 110v power to the exterior wall next to my rear entry door for an AC/DC cooler, Iím going AC since I have an interior outlet right there and it will be handy for tools, etc. I thought for sure someone would make an AC recepticle that has a flange and threaded body where I could just drill a 1.5Ē hole and install it, like I would any 12v or usb receptacles. Yet I canít find anything that doesnít require a large (standard 1gang box) sized hole to be cut in my wall.

Does what Iím looking for exist and if not what are my best options?

Picture of the 12v version of what Iím looking for is attached.

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