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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
Mr. too. Hahaha....Welcome to the club. I drive the Admiral bonkers with MY obsession to fix or repair rather than replace. That being said, I draw the line @ electronics or engine internals. I don't recall my own dad being that way but I suspect my career in a past life has taught me to do more with less. (worked for the federal government where we had to do more with nothing...). PLUS I suspect you get as much satisfaction from bringing something "back from the dead" as I do.

To those that might not understand, it's not about the $$, so much. It's about the process.

My grand kids enjoy going through my "parts" storage. "What's THIS Poppa?".....Well, young man, that's a hub cap from a 1928 Willys Overland Whippet and I found that...."
Oh crap - Me Too. Real problem here is my wife is similar! Tough pair to draw to for trying to keep the house and proximity buildings contents' in order as well as not spending too much time on old-stuff refurbishment! That said - We have saved many, many thousands over the long run by not purchasing new things. And, there is a good feeling of satisfaction by successfully refurbishing/repairing/rebuilding what we desire to put our efforts into.
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