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Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
My dock boxes are secured with small wooden "L" shaped blocks at each corner. These prevent the "feet" at each corner from sliding. The whole box stands a couple of inches above the deck in the middle, which solves the camber issue.

It's not too hard to lift it up high enough to clear the blocks and slide it out of the way to drop the mast. The dock box doubles as a nice place to sit at night and watch the stars.

Yes, there are two (or more) flybridge designs. Mine has seating port and starboard which are molded into the helm area, and open space aft. Again, the flybridge dock box doubles as seating. We have a folding bench seat from West Marine that we put on the dock boxes if we want back support. We call it the "Granny Seat" after Granny Clampett's seat on the Beverly Hillbilly's truck.
I like how your dock box is mounted on the aft deck.
Iím going to give that idea more consideration.
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