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Originally Posted by siestakey View Post
It is not his keyboard it just happens that we all have them up here we just flip it for you guys

like this

Iʇ !ƨ uoʇ !ƨ ʞөʎpoɐʁq !ʇ ɾ∩ƨʇ ɐbbөuƨ ʇɐʇ ʍө ɐꞁꞁ ɐ٨ө ʇөw ∩b өʁө ʍө ɾ∩ƨʇ ʈꞁ!b !ʇ ʈoʁ ʎo∩ ɓ∩ʎƨ
Oh I get it we're at the bottom of the world right? Haven't figured out how you do it yet!
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