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RE: Is your trawler sinking?

I just had as diver check my zincs and the bow thruster zinc 3 clam shell was abut gone in 7 months so put on a 5 clam shell.* The other zincs looked OK. In April I will have him back and in June pull the boat for complete bottom and zincs.* *

I have had several marine electricians on the boat in the last 6 month and tests with in acceptable limits for the marina.* The Everett marine docks are old and have sunk down so that the electrical on many docks is under the water.* Furthermore the commercial dock has not been that well maintained and then there are the commercial boats themselves. *

A large boat uses a lot of high amp items which creates stray AC electricity.* Heaters, stove elements, water heater, battery charger all produce stray electricity. The AC ground is connected to the zinc/loop though the DC negative.* The two biggest anodes that stray electricity can enter the boat are the prop and the bow thrusters. So there are a lot of different factors that can effect how fast the zincs go.

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