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Actually it was a custom build, designed and supervised by Robert Beebe. However, the original engine was a massive (in size) Cat D-13000. 150 hp at 1,200 rpm max. Was coupled to a 3:1 Twin Disc gear, same shaft & prop. But, it was an air start engine and the previous owner said it was a royal pain to get started. So, he removed it and put in the Cummins with the ZF tranny. He and his wife did all the work themselves... During the pre-purchase sea trial I hired a Cummins factory service rep come along. He hooked up a bunch of instruments/gauges to the engine before we got underway. All his measurements were spot on, he couldn't find any fault with the installation or operation of the engine. I have to say, the Cummins has been essentially flawless (knock wood) over the 17 years we've cruised the boat!
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