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Yes, I remember the 161 snatch block goes to the end of the boom (top end) with a double block on top of mast, so the 1/2 inch line will start at the snatch go to the top of the mast back down to the 161 then back up top to the mast (double block) and down to the mast the the tie down cleat.

What I also remember is that the 340 (5/8 double block) is connected at the end of the boom (bottom from the RF161). I think I will replace the double block with two single blocks. So here is my dilemma, what goes to the 2 anchors on the deck? I do remember throwing away the blocks but don't remember which ones i need to get. Can you help?

I also should of keepted the lines to know the amount of feet I need to replace, any one knows how long the lines should be?

I guess I was having an exciting day the day of the removal but lights were out.
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