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Originally Posted by JDCAVE View Post
I would like to apologize for this flippant comment. As I read through the material posted on "the other" forum, I realize that it's definitely a case of "there but for the grace of God go I". I too have electronic controls (installed by PO) and it could (have) happened to me. The only difference is I have one engine and max speed is probably less.

It's hard to know, many times. We all see a boat like that and assume initially the operator just screwed up. Even upon hearing "throttle control problem" we remain somewhat skeptical but the more we read and see, the more the story fits. It reminds me a bit of the Toyota Camry owner who blamed the wreck on the accelerator. I wonder how many times police have heard that story. The accelerator stuck or the car just took off or my brakes failed me. Well, after the next Camry owner, then the next, then the next, reported the same, only then did we really believe there was a serious problem.

It would be interesting to hear directly from the operator but I'm sure they have other things to deal with and worry about than the audience of curiosity. I'm just thankful anytime there is an accident and no one seriously hurt. I know many look upon that day as him really having bad luck. I look upon it as a lot of people having very good luck because so much worse could have happened.

Now, we all see the photo and immediately it's like a contest for our brains to assign a humorous caption to it. I don't see anything so wrong with that once we know everyone is ok. In fact, if I was on the boat or even the operator I'd probably be doing the same now that it's all over.
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