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Originally Posted by foggysail View Post

EDIT: Where did you find that governor spring? I looked for one for a friend and could not find it. What I was going to do was get a regular spring with the same wire diameter and cut it so it has the same number of sections and hope it would have the same Hook’s tension (Hook’s spring coefficient )
Forget the fellows name... already transferred note papers regarding this to boat 100 miles away.

Old fellow in a family back east that was Kohler dealer. When Kohler stopped building type gen set we're speaking about he purchased entire OEM parts stock from Kohler. He is who really set me straight on what to do regarding the low voltage and other items we were experiencing. I purchased new governor spring and carburetor rebuild kit. He said it was the last governor spring and 5th to last carb rebuild kit.

I'll try to locate his name and connection data.
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