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Originally Posted by foggysail View Post
You are fortunate that you’re in fresh water!!! The end plate that I mentioned allows raw water to enter the cooling tubes and leave them after cooling the machine’s internal cooling system. I found my problem when I was having an overheating problem indicating the tubes were plugged.

I was able to clean the tubes by rodding but when I went to install the end plate it just about crumbled in my hands.... the internal sections

Art—- I really wish you the best of luck with your genny! I wish Koehler was still making them, magneto and all.
About 6 yrs ago I saw a Kohler just like ours for sale at very reasonable price [on Craigslist; I think}. As I recall it was said to be in good condition. Guess I should have purchased??!! But, who wants an unproven multi hundred pound hunk of iron hanging around... guess my decision was correct. Time will tell...
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