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Originally Posted by foggysail View Post
AND A WARNING!!!! Be VERY careful to make sure your spark plug wires from the magneto to the plugs NEVER fall off while the machine is running. I found out the hard way. I started the genny to operate my davit crane and while outside on deck I noticed the exhaust didnít sound right. I immediately knew there must be a plug wire off and did my best to get to it as quickly as possible.

Wasnít fast enough! By the time I got there I had no spark anywhere. The high voltage pulse transformer in the magneto croaked. A magneto will try to output an infinite voltage and is limited by whatever voltage the spark plug arcs at which will be around 20-25KV.

Took me awhile to repair the magneto. That beast or at least most of that beast is used in other antique machines so they are available...try Ebay. Unfortunately repairing one of these things is usually beyond the capacity of most guys so be careful
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