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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
CN, I'm of no assistance but offer a few early AM musings.

Given the long ongoing AC saga, maybe the question to be asked is , "Does AC provide necessary information that cannot readily be obtained elsewhere?"

In the PNW where we cruise, AC was an interesting App at best. Some are into Apps and fiddling with gizmos while others don't mind checking out Waggoners annual printed version. Surely there are printed cruising guides for the East Coast and Islands. Not to mention websites and word of mouth in those busy waterways.

AC appears gone for many and remains frustrating for others. Like happens to a good steak dinner, many boating curiosities get flushed.

It is more complete than any other resource.

Now, our way of retaining sanity with AC is that we don't use it integrated with charts. We don't see it as a charting tool. We see it much like guidebooks and auxiliary tools and use it online and separate from charting. We consult it when needed and often prior to the day of cruising. We use it to locate marinas, check bridge and lock information, and to note upcoming challenges, but we use our navigation tools for navigating and have never integrated AC into any of them.
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