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Originally Posted by Taras View Post
Got mine.
I’m sad that the magazine is not what it used to be.
The content is getting skinnier and skinnier. I have a bunch of old back issues (10 years old) and the difference is huge.
I read this months magazine in like 15 mins and then tossed it.
I have all of mine on my home office bookcase and I was remarking on the same when this one came. I think a big part of it was when Steve D'Antonio retired from article writing and focused on his own surveying and marine services business. A big loss.
I just pulled my June 2004 copy and it was 240 pages - this months - 120 pages. And the Ads make up a larger percentage. I will continue subscribing though as it is the best mag out there for my type of boating. And I keep them!
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