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Originally Posted by Northern Spy View Post
Who really gives a hoot if there is or isn't a market? The premise of the original post is that it is a likeable design, and wonders if one has been built.

All boats start as a design. I would dare say that most great designers and architects have some fantastic designs that have never been or never will be built.

Not everything needs to be evaluated by a business case. In fact, thank goodness that some boat builders and boat buyers make spectacularly bad business decisions. If they didn't, some great boats and yachts would never exist.

I, for one, am pretty bored by the Chinese copycat design house styling of semi-custom yachts. Getting almost McMansion like.

Pick up a Woodenboat magazine once in a while and be swept away by the romanticism of boats.

End rant. [tongue firmly in cheek] [emoji3]
He said there was a market. I said not. I also add there isn't a market for wooden boats. There once was. If you talk market, then you're talking business.

You're right about great designs never seeing the light of day. Some of my greatest ideas haven't. However, we are talking about a business with the objective of selling boats.

We have a desire today for a boat that doesn't exist. It doesn't exist because there's no market for it. If we want to get one, we need to find someone to build it custom for us. Otherwise we need to select from what the market offers. (Actually we have desires for more than one non-existent boat).

I've been on the other end, fully supportive of an idea merchandising presented, thinking they're right on target and almost geniuses, only then to watch a focus group when it's presented to them and out of 20 people, 16 say absolutely no, 3 say mild no's, and 1 loves it. The End for it.
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