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Originally Posted by Bigsfish View Post
So I misinterpreted the fact that these clamps arenít best! What is their drawback other than cost?
Belleville washer corrosion in a marine environment would be my greatest concern. Size may or may not be an issue, depending on where they are located.

Once, years ago, after changing the oil on my wife's 740 turbo brick wagon, on a whim I shimmed the wastegate with a couple of washers and took it out for an Italian tune-up. After terrorizing the neighborhood for a bit in first, second and third gears, there was a tremendous BOOM from under the hood and a sudden loss of hoon.

Horrified of what I would find, and while trialing excuses in my head, I opened the hood to merely find that the silicone hose from the turbocharger to the intercooler had blown off. I paid my neighbor off in beer to not tell my wife.

I suppose a constant torque clamp would have helped me in that situation.

PS: I un-shimmed the wastegate.
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