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Originally Posted by maddox View Post
Hello everyone, I'm a newbe to The Trawler Forum and first time potential buyer of a trawler. I'm trying to find information regarding the height of a 1975 34ft Marine Trader "Europa". I live in Florida and the boat's in Maine. Trucking companies have a maximum height requirement of 13'6" including their trailer. I haven't been there to measure and if it's to high, then that most likely be a deal breaker. I'm hoping for any input or suggestions anyone may have to offer. Thank You
Welcome aboard Maddox, I am a long distance trucker who hauls oversize loads all the time,but not boats, so I know a little about what is involved. The boat must be reduced in size as much as possible so this means removing the fly bridge. Once the size has been reduced as much as possible then if it is still over 13' 6" in overall height you can still move it, you just get the right permit, we do it all the time. I just delivered an engine that was 14' 6" so the boat you are looking at can be trucked. It will be very expensive. I am guessing by the time you pay for everything, you are talking, and this is just an educated guess, around $8000.00 to $10000.00. My advice would be to either drive it down, what a great adventure, or find a boat closer. Last week I saw a 34 ft. single engine trawler that looked pretty good in the pictures. It was on craigs list located in Crystal River, for $14,000.00. Might be worth looking at. Good luck
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