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QUOTE=Shrew;617713]The article indicates they COULD be as old as 512.

The tissue gave them a range for the sharks' ages — they were at least 272 years old, and as much as 512 years old. The two biggest sharks — and probably the oldest — were estimated to be 335 and 392 years old, respectively, and the most likely average life span was 390 years, Nielsen told Live Science.

It also does state that they were purposely killed:

The scientists used radiocarbon dating to measure carbon isotopes absorbed by Greenland sharks' eye tissue, working with sharks that were captured as bycatch, the study authors reported.[/QUOTE]

In Finland, this was reported more closely, and the age of the fish was verified in two ways.

1. the old guy growing fairly sharply 1 centimeter in 1 year and this individual was about 5.5 meters.

2. Age was also confirmed by radiocarbon timing and could be deduced.

I could not send a Finnish article because a few of you are talking about Finland. Science can always justify their doing, now they want to find the author Garlin's genius, the longer life genes, and everyone sees that the prospect of earning money $$ is behind this esearch, so clearly ...

Far from fish but there is the science and the idea of ​​moral science. This video is a campaign of "science" against artificial intelligence which can be cute to develop. The video does not fit sensitive!

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