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The Boss and I spent the day unscripted getting lost, so to speak on the "Delta Loop". Had a couple boats on the agenda to look for, one sold(thankfully as it had dumb move written all over it).

Met a nice gentleman at a marina and asked the obvious "know of anything for sale?". He politely said no and wife and I headed back to the van. Then it happened, wife said someone just yelled for you back at the dock. Was the polite man I just talked to earlier.

He took us across the marina and onto a boathouse and pointed out a well covered cabin boat about 24ish feet long and maybe 40 years old, outboard powered. Told is the owner is in his late 70's and his health is sketchy. Owned the boat since new and spares no expense maintaing it. We finally found a way to lift a corner of the custom canvas cover and saw a brand new 40 year old boat. He told us the motor starts first kick when the gentleman shows up to polish it(less frequently now).
I plan on contacting marina operator on Monday and seeing about relaying a message to the owner about a possible showing.

My question is simply. How would you feel about receiving an un-solicited inquiry about your boat from a stranger?
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