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Originally Posted by nwboater View Post
Thanks for the replies. The AGS I have bookmarked is the "N" "Networks" with the Magnum inverter/charger remote located in the pilothouse. A few weeks ago we added a shunt so I can now monitor SOC, along with other charging parameters. Btw, I read somewhere that this AGS unit "toggles" preheat as part of the start procedure. Maybe Santa will put one under the tree...?
Yes, it does, you program it to fit the exact starting protocol of your particular generator. So in my case, I wired it into the Onan control board, it activated preheat for the time Onan specified, and then the cranking for another specified time. Likewise, the time to hold down the shut off mechanism. Very slick.

I forget the model number offhand, but the N does require you have their top of the line remote. The whole thing made for a really slick, seamless and easy to use system.

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