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I have a trace inverter/charger parallel power manager. Its 20 years old now. I liked it so much I took it off my old boat and added it to my new boat. The auto-gen feature is kind of an uncessary gimic but it works very well. In my case I have it programed to come on only between 8am and 4pm and only if the voltage is below 12.2, I can also program in the warm up period. It has only auto started about 4 times in the last 20 years but the last time was quite funny. The wife was at the dock running every concievable electrical appliance and operating the stereo at high volume. She couldn't figure out why evey one walking by the boat was giving her a dirty look, then the gen auto started, she called me in a panic. I had to explain to here that the entire city was with out power and the boat was just doing what it was programed to do.
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