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Originally Posted by Russf View Post
If anyone has any thoughts on these boats I would appreciate hearing them.

As an owner of a 2008 34 (now called the 36) it needs more hanging closet space, more storage for stores, and additional cabinets. Alas no matter what you do nor how you squeeze it, you can't get the 34 to store things like you can in a 42. I could have bought a 42 but no one wanted to go with me for more than a day. I bought the 34 and I am content after I managed to have additional cabinets and cupboards built. I still can't over come the lack of hanging closet space. I was fine until a lady start "leaving" things. Now I have 1/2 closet space and one less drawer. Guess what, it's worth the cramp living. WINK WINK
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