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Thanks TF peeps. I really phrased that wrong, going to have the yard do it. Before I knew anything about the product I thought about doing it myself but one look at the application instructions ended that thought. I was talking to the yard manager about getting it done and asked for a cost estimate. He said "maybe two $500 kits and $500 for application off the top of his head. When I went back and looked online I saw the size of the kits it made me wonder if two were needed. Little reason to doubt the guy or yard as they both come with a long list of references and have been good on everything else. In fact he steered me away from some other items that I would have done without him talking me out of them. Will narrow him down tomorrow. Sounds like maybe one isn't quite enough so have to go into two maybe? Maybe he was talking about doing the props again as well. Not sure. Appreciate the comments.
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