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Hello All - Opinions Wanted

Hello To All -
My 1st post. What a great forum.

Born and raised on the Jersey shore. Boats were always a part of my life. Boat styles varied from 18' Boston Whalers to 36' offshore center console fishing boats to Morgan sailboats to.... but; never a trawler.... never a true sport fishing boat ( Hatteras Post etc ).... We currently spend about a month each per year on our current boat so we understand close quarters, marina life, etc... My son and I currently split responsibilities based on our skill sets; electrical = me, mechanical = him. We never needed a mechanic or electrician for anything to date. And we have torn out and rebuilt our own motors, outdrives, etc...

What we are considering
Locate a boat for sale and place it somewhere in the keys. We have both spent time on rented and borrowed smaller boats ( mainly center consoles ) in the keys and love it. We have both spent time on rented and borrowed smaller boats ( mainly center consoles ) in the Bahamas and love it. We are looking for a boat that will give us a floating 2nd home that can be moved between the keys and the Bahamas as we see fit.

The opinion wanted
I like the idea of trawler. I like the range and the economy of transit. I like the space. I would probably miss the ability to get up on plane and get moving. My son likes a traditional sport fisher or cruiser. The space is still there and it has the speed ability; but he realizes the cost to keep it "on plane". So the question is - has anyone ever done a thread about the "pros and cons" of these two distinct boat types for the keys / Bahamas area?

All the best.

PS - Since I am semi technically computer Amish... If this subject has already been covered, I apologize and will take a polite redirect to it.

Thanks again.
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