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Barry, welcome to the "I own a boat support group."
May I suggest, you bare boat charter a different brand of boat each season.... looking for the "perfect" boat for you and your mate.
Try not to give up that second stateroom. Buy a boat = inherit new friends and relatives. I do recommend a washer/dryer. You may have to buy a bit larger boat to get that space. My 34ft American Tug has the perfect cabinet.... Of course, I gave up that storage space when I put in the washer/dryer. One thing about the washer/dryer combination, realize you will be wearing wrinkled clothes. When you add a washer/dryer, seriously consider a water maker too.
Check for the maximum storage.... You will accumulate stuff and parts and tools.
For me, other than storage, a dry head is important..... Close the door or pull the curtain closed on the shower, I never know it needs cleaning.
For your wife, storage and galley.
My ex could never make up her mind, what clothes to bring for the season so she would bring her entire closet. LOL I spent BIG bucks redoing the forward stateroom for her benefit. Put in extra drawers and a hanging closet 'just for her'.
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