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Can you think of a better way to appreciate what you're asking someone else to do than to have done it yourself? My father used to tell me when I was a kid that there is a big difference between knowing how something is done, and knowing how to do it.

Now, I'm never going to give birth to a child, and wifey will most likely never get kicked in the balls by a horse, so there are limits; but when you are a team, and your lives might depend on what you both know how to do? Damned right we're both going up that mast.

We take this approach, even with our little 19' fishing boat. You would not believe the number of spouses that can't a.) pilot the boat onto the trailer, and, b.) can't back a trailer down a boat ramp either.

You ought to see the men grinning and poking their wifes in the ribs when they see Tara ( aka wifey ) back a crew-cab, long bed, GMC dually down the boat ramp like an ole pro. We've actually, literally, had some 'ladies' scowl and throw insults her way because she can handle a truck that size. It is the dumbest damned thing you ever wanted to witness, and it's pathetic. anyway, I digress.

So I'm just sayin, she wouldn't be traumatized by going up a 60' mast. She may not like it, she may take some time to get up the nerve, but she'll eventually know every inch of every boat, heck every vehicle, we own. Ours is a long time relationship as I've said. She can't cook to save her butt, I happen to be a good cook. She's an RN with and can suture better than some Doc.s that have worked on me. I cannot untangle fishing tackle if my life depends on it, she untangles it faster than I can cut it off and re-rig a new set.

But those roles aren't the same as both of us knowing ( most times learning together ) how to handle a boat, the truck, the,... whatever,.. the unprepared are the first to die.

I suspect it might be helpful if I were to use some visual cues for a while so you nice folks can tell when I'm telling you stories 'tongue in cheek" perhaps fucia italics?, My dry sense of humor really does play better in person, honest
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