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Much of my thoughts has been said. But:
*You should learn how to heave to. You have the sails,it won`t be difficult to master.
*Not sure about equating a PLB to an EPIRB. The latter has longer battery life,being registered to the boat authorities know instantly the boat in trouble. The former is registered to you,it will not tell authorities what boat to look for. The EPIRB could be more powerful in signal, I don`t know really know that, it`s assumption.
An EPIRB is not expensive, to my mind it is the standard item to carry, rather than a PLB.There have been some spectacular rescues here achieved via EPIRB. Commercial aircraft seem to be a great source of initial reception and alerting Authorities.
Australia has the Australian Marine Safety Authority(AMSA), a surprisingly user friendly Govt authority which registers EPIRBs and co-ordinates searches based on reports. It may do much more for all I know,it seems a well oiled machine.I`m guessing it`s not unique.
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