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When to use the PLB?

No offense taken. I readily admit much or all of the lack of propulsion/steadying on that crossing was probably operator error/inexperience. When I went on that Abaco trip I had tested the sails a grand total of 2 times, so I'm definitely low on the learning curve. And really, that's why I posted-- it would seem a little silly to activate the PLB just because I couldn't figure out the sails. [emoji30]. I could have altered course and had a much better ride and better sailing I think, but I didn't of course at the time because the engine was running and I was trying to make my destination before dark.

My sails are small and in about 15 knots I can really only make about 3 knots on a reach, and it doesn't sail very well to windward (or I don't know how). If I did alter course for a reach that would have me either headed into the current of the GS, or I could have turned and headed back towards the Bahamas for a reach that way. Or maybe heave to and let the current take me?

To ask another way, what would a conventional sailboat do in this situation where the engine would not start and there was no wind, and it happened out in the middle of the GS?
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