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I'm 55 so I can still do both (for now). We own a power boat but charter bigger sailboats a couple times a year too. Sailing is fun and we enjoy it - but only in small doses (week, ten days at a time). For us it's a comfort thing. Sailing is a lot of work and even a 50 foot sailboat is not as comfortable to move around on or live on as our 37 footer. I find even posh sailboats just uncomfortable. After tacking four or five times in an hour it starts to feel like a hassle and I sit in the cockpit thinking, boy this is a lot of work just to go from Point A to Point B. And then with a sailboat you have most if not all of the same systems and mechanical maintenance work as power, but then you add a forest of sailing hardware on top of it all. And then finally, I do get a primal thrill every time I fire up 700 horses and glide 26,000 pounds out of our slip. Master of My Domain, vroom vroom, even if I never push it past 9 knots.
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