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Is a trawler for me

I'm turning 70 and no longer feel capable of sailing, so my wife wants to get a powerboat. We do not know much about them, so would like to start our education.
I would like to explore the Bahamas and she is interested in the Florida Keys, Cuba, and the East Coast.
We would spend most of our time on the hook, living aboard for months at a time and do not care much about speed.
15 years ago we cruised for a year 5000 miles on a 30 ft monohull, but we need more comfort today. We had a brief experience with a 28 foot Tri and lost her 25 miles off the coast of Florida on our way to the Bahamas. Enough time has passed and we’re ready to try again. 30'+ power boats seam to have plenty of space. I like multihulls cause they are so nice on the hook, however they may be beyond our budget.
We would like to spend 50 to 100 thousand USD.
Look forward to any feedback.
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