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Originally Posted by kthoennes View Post
I had an idling engine shut down just last week too, which was very unusual for my otherwise smoothly running, purring engines. Turns out it was a loose screw to the wiring on the ignition switch and with just the right vibration, engine neatly shut down, no cough or anything.

(I'm not sure I get all this discussion about "blowing out volatiles." Some of the guys in my marina are under that impression too and you see it in other boating forums, this idea that once in a while you have to motor out of the yacht basin and blast the throttles like NASA rockets to "blow out the engines." Clear the crud. Blast out the carbon, whatever. Flogging combustion engines within an inch of their lives to "clear the pipes" doesn't make sense to me. And think of all the boaters in Florida waiting for bridges to open, or New York waiting for locks to open. Or heck all the engines idling for hours and hours on the Cross Bronx Expressway or I-5 every day, all those cars would quickly crud up and die. I waited 40 minutes for the Old Lyme Railroad bridge to open on the Connecticut River last time because the bridge operator kept changing the time estimate for the next train. Wasn't dead idle, only holding position, but pretty close. But then what do I know, I'm no boat mechanic and I don't play one on TV.)

My comments about having oil temperature hot enough to burn off moisture and volatiles has nothing to do with running engines to clear the pipes as you suggest. Also, I tried to focus my comments on a cold start idle as opposed to idling a hot engine for long periods as many of us have done.

But, like you, what do I know? Which is why I recommended S contact the experts.

BTW, what are your thoughts as to why the engine in question stopped? In less than 500 words.
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