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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
So far, there is a bunch of info I either am misinterpreting or disagree with.

If talking thousands of dallars in possible taxes, I suggest calling a vessel title service to get better info (one in each state you are dealing with), and if talking tens of thousands in possible taxes, get an appropriate attourney.

I have bought and registered in several different states and some of the info posted so far does not apprear to be entirely correct. I foudt more posts will make it clearer.
I fully endorse what you've said and once again suggest a documentation service (which you refer to as a vessel title service). If enough money involved, then verifying their answer through an attorney or accountant in the state in question. They deal with documentation and registration daily and know the intricacies that seem very minor but could cost thousands.

A lot of general information given here but each state is different and you need specific information to the states you are involved with and to your situation including job, work location, home location, other assets.
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