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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
If it was me, I would get a modest house/apartment in Florida, then get a fast, trailerable boat you can explore with, go to the Bahamas if you want, etc. Then put it on a trailer when you are done cruising. Less maintenance, less worry.

A big issue for me, if I was a live aboard, would be the threat of hurricanes. It was stressful enough trying to get my boat out of harms way the past few weeks, but if the boat was also my house that would have been double stressful.

Yes, the hurricane was stressful and glad it's behind and most of us are cleaning up.

However, I'd bet if most of us had to trailer, we would not be in boating, myself included. Trailering is a HUGE pita. It's really nice to just untie the boat and go... and easy to go out for as little as 30 min... or go out for a month.

I could argue, if one wants to "taste" living aboard, is to get a boat big enough to have some creature comforts, and that would preclude trailering.
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