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Originally Posted by sbu22 View Post
Steve. When we dry out flooded structures, use the same approach, with the addition of heat to attain 95-100F interior temp to accelerate the process. Same with hull drying?
Yep, any additional interior heating will obviously help, here even in wet season it's pretty hot so getting rid of the moisture is the big thing, obviously the bilges and tanks (if built in as a part of the hull) need to be dry as well,

Its good to use blow type heaters (fans) as it helps circulating the warm air, if using de-humidifiers make sure they are emptied daily (most have internal tanks) and fill quite quickly, or run an external hose to the outside. Other wise even light bulbs give off an amazing amount of heat and at least they are safe to leave un attended (can be an issue when using heaters),

If you dont have one, a good moisture meter is a primary requirement prior to any laminating,

Are you doing the whole hull? or just spots?

Cheers Steve
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