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Originally Posted by ChesapeakeGem View Post
Purchased in April of this year, knowing we have blisters. She's on the hard getting a bottom blasting next week. Going to let her sit and seep for the winter... then the work begins. Attachment 68598
1983 36' Sea Ray aft cabin.
I'm supposing your mention of Slurry blasting is to remove the gel coat(if you are doing a complete new Epoxy bottom Job?) if not then a gel stripper or similar will need to remove the gel coat as other wise as others have pointed out it will not dry out sufficiently (especially in Winter conditions),

If only spot replacement not such an issue at all,

If drying out vessels here in our wet season we "BAG"the hull using plastic sheeting and make a tent like structure fully enclosing the hull (and yes the ground it's self) then we place inside several de-humidifiers, this works well but still takes several months to get the hull under under 5% min , de humidifiers inside the vessel is also a good idea with floors removed,

Cheers Steve
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