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The boat was fitted with a Detrit 6-71 when new , and of course has a Twin Disc tranny.

The Current is a 6-71 from Grey Marine that sat in storage in a nitrogen can till the late 1990's

Looking at the posted pictures I guess WH found the state of the fore deck not too yachty.

I agree!

The Navy Utilities were built to use , with no consideration to anchoring.

They would be brought up from the lower hangar deck on a wheeled cradle , 5 cables would be attached to built in lifting points and they would be lowered.

Should one become disabled it would be towed back to the carrier hoisted and repairs carried out aboard.

To go touring first the deck had to be repaired as years of use loosened the cleats , a bollard, a set of bow rollers installed for Danforth H 60 and 60 CQR ,a hyd capstan added with a chain stopper to hold the boat.

Simplest was to recycle the 1 1/2 thick GRP from a boat that cut its transom down.

I rather enjoy the donor vessels name on the GRP plank, but can understand why some would be puzzled.

The current hassle is the no skid on the fore deck is carrier grade. This is epoxy and flint , very sharp to help the aircraft stat aboard.

It is hard on the feet , and really , really! hard to remove.

Great care with a Fen tool will do the job , eventually , but its never been a priority.
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