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Originally Posted by Mitlenatch View Post
I need to ask another question to everyone and especially Dave as he has the same boat I would like to get. I have been boating since I was 9 and comfortable on the water. All my boats have been outboards or inboard/outboards. My current boat is a 35 bayliner with twin ib/ob and I can manuover it with ease in tight quarters. As someone mentioned elsewhere, practice and get comfortable with your boat. I'm wondering how difficult (or different) it is with a single screw and rudder. I understand the physics of it but I'm not sure how easy it would be to get a boat into a tight spot without the thrusters. I know I could get the bow in but it would seem problematic to get the stern to do what I want. Thanks in advance.
Hi Mitlenatch,

I went from a single duoprop 25' Skipjack to a twin screw Carver C34. I have not taken possession of my NP45 yet so I am actually nerviness about going back to a single screw. The reason for my apprehension is my Skipjack had an outdrive which moved the prop to steer the boat. A trawler has a rudder that steers the boat. So it's really a completely different thing. I've watched trawlers dock and they drive right in, much the same as my Skipjack with its outdrive did. My twin screw inboard is a pain to dock. There are multiple methods non of which are straight in. I found twin screws to be a pain. You can't use the rudders at slow speed so you have to depend on manipulating the props. One forward and the other backward to spin the boat on its axis etc.. As you well know you can actually do much more with twin props but it takes a while to get good at it. So you and I are in the same predicament. We are both going from twin screws to a single and are worried about it. I would also like to hear from the trawler owners about docking.

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