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Originally Posted by High Wire View Post
When Sandy hit us, they would not let property owners back on the hard hit barrier islands for over a week (some several weeks) until it was "safe". Man did that make everyone mad! There were miles of backup trying to get back to their property then getting turned around day after day. Many survivors of Sandy said they will never leave again because they were not allowed back.
So, I would not count too heavily on zipping down there in a rental car. Maybe FL is different, but this evacuation looked like Sandy only bigger.
Well, typically as I've observed them doing in Galveston before they have two reasons to secure the areas. One is safety if wires down, etc. The other is stealing. Who knows what they'll face. FPL is sure lined up and ready.

In spite of being in an evacuation zone our house does not fit the definition. We don't have a surge worry. Odd how they say surge is what you evacuate for but then you hear the reporters warning people of the winds. Even with our mild hit, I could see our streets out impassible for days. Fortunately, we can get out by water.

We almost feel guilty that we just made homemade Pizza and had a big party. However, there's just nothing to do right now but wait.
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