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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I have not used Pureayre on a boat, but did get some for home use and did not have anything like the experiences HeadMistress had. The odor of the product itself is awful. Then it's sticky and takes a huge quantity for a small area. Last, once the odor of the Pureayre dissipated the original odor returned. Glad it was only used in a small test at our home as it took extra effort then to get rid of it.

To be fair, I looked at reviews and 40-50% of the ones I found give it a 5, agreeing with Peggie, while 15-20% give it a 1, agreeing with my review. Then the others all in between seeing good and bad.

This was a Shark Tank show product that the Sharks loved the product but none of them wanted to be in business with the owner.

I had a similar result attempting to get mildew odor out of cushions. I ended up using odo ban from sams and it did the trick. Much less expensive as well. Pure ayre is probably a great product, just didn't do the job for me

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