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PureAyre PureAyre is the only product I've found that eliminates ANY odor. Not only will it get of diesel and residual odor left behind by stinking sanitation hoses, but PureAyre is also rated for use around food...which means you can even use it to get rid of the odor left in your fridge by the steaks or fish that spoiled when a natural disaster took out shore power for 3 days. Also does a great job on musty PFDs and foulies.

However, it's not an air freshener or a quick fix. If you want to completely eliminate any odor, it's gonna require some work 'cuz y
ou can never eliminate any odor unless you first eliminate the source...'cuz as long as the source continues to exist, it'll continue to generate new odor. So first you have to find and fix any leak or replace the stinky hoses, then thoroughly clean the site, including every nook and cranny ...a good scrubbing with detergent and water--just detergent and water. Mop up an excess water and let it air dry till it's at least only standing puddles. Now you're ready to eliminate the residual odor.

Use PureAyre full strength...I'd use a pump garden spray jug set to a fine mist. Spray every surface, nook and cranny...just a light spray. Do NOT rinse...just let it dry with hatches open so that plenty of fresh air can circulate. If the soft goods in the cabin have picked up the odor, despite what the Febreze commercials claim, just spraying it on the surface won't do need to spray enough on carpets and rugs to penetrate to the backing...enough to penetrate cushions to the middle from both sides..not enough to make 'em drippy, just enough to get into the'll prob'ly have to remove the covers and send 'em to be cleaned. Again, just let everything dry. If you still have any odor, you missed a spot.

A spray bottle won't go very, it's cheaper in the long run to buy it by the has an indefinite shelf life, so just keep it on hand.
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